Not able to login to spotify.

Not able to login to spotify.







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I've been using Spotify free version for the past few months and kinda stopped using it a while back, but decided to upgrade to premium. Problem was , it wouldn't log me back in saying my 'username and password' don't match.There is an option to login via a link from your email. Unfortunately the link always says its expired. I  also tried to reset my password and it said my e-mail isn't associated with any active account. But when I tried using it for a new account, it said it was linked to a Spotify account and didn't let me. Help? Its a deadlock! I looked all over the internet and still couldn't find a proper fix for it, I'm writing this from a temporary account I just made.

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Hey there @binoydominic,


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We'd suggest you go ahead and check this article. The issue you're experiencing could be a result of one of the reasons mentioned there.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.




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I have the exact same issue. I'm writing this from a new account made with a different email address. The article you shared is for disabled PREMIUM accounts. That has nothing to do with my and @binoydominic's problem. I have a free account, and I'm not able to log into it because "my password is incorrect" (it's not, I use LastPass, so it's not). The same thing with the "no longer valid" email link happens. Also, when I try "forgot your password" it says that my email is not associated with any Spotify account, but when I try to make a new account with that email address it says that the address is already linked to an account. What should I do???


Did you resolve the issue. Please help me if you figured it out.


I've been searching all over the internet to find a fix. The fact that multiple users are facing this issue and spotifuggle doesn't even care is sickening.

Right?! I’m really **bleep**.

Hahahahah they bleeped out my reply... wow...


Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


Most likely the accounts you're trying to access have been disabled. There might be various reasons for an account to be disabled by our system. This can happen to free accounts as well if suspicious activity is detected or if the account has been used abroad for more than 14 days


If you've recently moved to another country, you should change the country settings of your account, so that the account will become active again. More info on how to do that can be found in this support article.


Hope this helps. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out again.


Have a great day!

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No this doesn't help. It doesn't say my account is disabled. It just wont let me log in saying my 'username or password is incorrect' but when I try the password reset, it says 'The username or email you provided is not associated with an active Spotify account'. Ok that means I can create a new spotify account with the same email right? But Guess what! When I try to signup with the same account, it says 'This email is already connected to an account. Log in'. This is contradicting the first statement and is definitely a bug. I have tried every option you have given. I need some real help.

Please don't suggest me to reinstall the application. I have tried this in multiple devices and in my PC too. Nothing helps.


I’ve read the comments and i am having the same problem too.I have been logged out from all of my devices.

 Few days ago,my premium subscription was suddenly ended and I subsribed for premium again,I’ve succeeded the payment and I started using it and everything was fine until today.I was logged out and can’t login anymore.Then it said that my account was deactivated and I am really really sorry about that because I was using it every single day for hours and I did nothing wrong.I’ve never failed the payments too.I really don’t understand why.

 There is a thing that : I was on a vacation but it was not in another country, it was in my country so I still don’t understand because I’ve never changed my location to another country.

Or also there is the thing that I started using the app called “Makromusic” and I connected my Spotify account with it so I am really scared if it has been hacked.

I just really don’t know and I am very sad about it.I really need help because I am an active user and I really love my playlists and my followers.

Thanks anyway,

user e95cq07v3l5qlmhgl94e6mkfi 

I haven't received any help from this community. Is this it? I have to forget about my spotify account that I lost access to for no reason?


Did this ever get resolved I am experiencing the same issues you had, customer service is so unhelpful


Was this ever resolved for you? I am having the exact same thing happen to me

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