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Not accepting password

Not accepting password

I cancelled my premium account earlier this month to join in a family premium. Problem is I cannot get in. The message is `wrong username or password` or: "It looks like you are using your Facebook credentials to log in to Spotify. To change your Facebook password go to your settings page at"

Also found a code I received once I first registered with Spotify (many numbers and letters), but no password that goes with it.

Now I have renewed both FB password and e-mail password but nothing works.

Very frustrating as we have tried for several days already to get this to work.

What can I do??

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Hey @1Johannes, welcome to the Community!


If your account was made through Facebook, you need to log in using the Log in with Facebook button.


If you're using it but still having trouble, try logging in on a different device to see if the issue persists.


Let us know how it goes.

Logging in worked, but that was not the problem. I have been invited to a family subscription, but after ending my personal subscription and logging out and then in again, I remained with a free subcription. Will it work to delete my account and then opening the link from my family-subription invitation? If so, how do I delete my entire account?

It finally worked!!!!!!!!!! On the third device I tried, pressing the "Accept Invitation" from the email inviting me to a family premium it worked! So glad to finally be able to listen to music again!

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