Not auto renewing with Apple: keep getting charged anyway

Not auto renewing with Apple: keep getting charged anyway

I got SPOTIFY through apple for my iPad. I have always made it a one month subscription- Apple even shows it as a non auto renewal, yet I'm getting charged monthly anyway. SPOTIFY shows it will auto charge me for premium AGAIN next month even though my Apple subscription clearly states it SHOULD NOT.

All I can find with SPOTIFY is that I have to manage my subscriptions through Apple... Which I have. Then they charge me anyway.

On top of that I'm showing 10 separate charges for SPOTIFY, all varying / random amounts. I have only ever done one free trial & two non-renewing monthly subscriptions... Yet I've been charged a total of 10 times.

To say I'm royally ticked off for all these charges is an understatement. That there is no way to make SPOTIFY stop charging me every month even though I'm on a non-renewal subscription via Apple is flat out DISHONEST.

Who am I suppose to contact about this? SPOTIFY makes it near impossible to contact them, & any route I've found puts me in a "thanks for your input. This is an auto email reply. Sucks to be you" black abyss of ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

So incredibly unimpressed.
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Hi Jessmiseplaced,


I have given your case 2777055 a bump.  One of the support team should pick it up soon.

I'm having a similar problem and it's really starting to bother me. I'd like to cancel my subscription before it renews but everytime I cancel, I get an email like the next day stating that my subscription will renew anyway by a certain date (being tomorrow). I already tried managing my subscriptions through apple but it's not showing my spotify subscription when I sign in...PLEASE HELP!!

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