Not identified device using my account


Not identified device using my account



Probably, you don't care, but I leave here the alert.

First of all, my account is only accessible using facebook, account protected with phone pin, and there is no strange activity there.


Today I was put some music at my iphone, and, someone with iphone (I didn't kept the name) stole my session several times with spotify connect, changing the music and speaker to him- it's not from my family for sure and by the name I can say It was not from my country


I can't access to device list on my account, but this is very wierd, In my playlist I don't have any strange music (but It could be using private session), neither I did log at any strange pc.

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Re: Not identified device using my account

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Hey, @teixeiras! You're right, that's really strange - especially since you can't access the device list on your account. I suggest you contact Spotify using this contact form so that they can take a good look at your account backstage. You may receive an automated reply asking you to check out the support forums again. Not to worry - just reply back (even if it's a noreply address) and the support team will be able to help you. They should be back to you within 24 to 48 hours.


- Jiana