Not receiving emails to reset password or cancel account

Not receiving emails to reset password or cancel account



I have an old account for which I don't remember the password since I have always log in through facebook. Now, I wanted to change the email adress (old hotmail adress I no longer use) and I couldn't because the reset password email doesn't make it through. I tried several times, checked junk email, checked the hotmail account still works etc. 


Then, as an alternative, I created a new account, made all my old account playlists public and collaborative, followed them from my new account, and I was ready to close the old account. But, to close an account (even if you are logged in already) spotify sends you an email. That email doesnt make it through either. So I am totally stucked now with two accounts. 

I want to: 

a) be able to change the password in the old one, so I no longer need to have facebook connected to it to log in 

b) be able to close the old account and start enjoying the new one, making sure the shared playlists survive when closing the old one. 

Basically I just need the emails to make it to my hotmail account. 


I tried contacting spotify directly but seems imposible, I am redirected to the same point in the help section all over again. 

Please help. 

thanks in advance.






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