Not receiving emails


Not receiving emails


I've recently been added to a Premium for Family subscription, but the invitation email didn't show up in my inbox, so I thought I'd try just logging onto my account. I hadn't used my account for a while, so when I tried to login and it kept saying my password was incorrect I just assumed I'd forgotten it and requested a new one, but I didn't receive that email either. I then tried logging in via Facebook (though I couldn't remember whether my Spotify was linked to my facebook account or not). I got into my account, but since I thought maybe the fact that I'd made my account through Facebook was the reason the Family subscription wasn't working, I decided to delete my account and make a new one. However, in order to delete my account I need a confirmation link, and I yet again didn't receive the email. I've already checked my spam folder and made sure my email adress is spelled correctly.

So in short: 1) Why am I not receiving any emails?

2) Can I really not be in a Family subscription with a Facebook-linked account or is there some other issue there?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Re: Not receiving emails

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Hey @rosalieu.


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Check your Spam folder to see if the email is being sent there. If it's not, try to request an email via an incognito browsing session. Don't forget to check any other email addresses you might have!


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.