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Nothing for remember


Nothing for remember

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Dear Sir or Madam,


As it came out i have 3 accounts. I used 2 accounts 1 year ago and i used 1 account in this year. But an accident happend and my account (Which i used this year) has loged out and it was a premium one. And the real problem is that i really froget my password and my username, i don't even know the e-mail addred.

So please help me!! I don't want to pay for nothing.

Yours faithfully!



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Re: Nothing for remember


Hi there,


My best idea is that you look at your latest transfers or past transfers from your bank account and look for the id code or something similar and get into contact with the @SpotifyCares team on Twitter or emailing the team so that they can try to get a hold of the account!


Hope this helps! 🙂