Numbers as username, old picture etc.


Numbers as username, old picture etc.






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Sony Xperia & Windows 10


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Im a frequent user of Spotify and don't have any problems with the streaming or so. But hope someone can help me with this minor issues any way... Im logged in via Facebook and sometimes I also use my e-mail to log in. For quite a long time my account name have been just numbers, as it is when you listen in "offline-mode" and my picture doesnt change/update any more. If I check my account settings everything looks fine, I have my current Facebook picture and my name as a user name. It's just in the streaming window it looks this way. I've tried to update the "software" without any results... Any thoughts? 

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Re: Numbers as username, old picture etc.

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Hi there!

I've had that issue in regard to the profile name/number before too. Here's a potential solution I found from browsing through other threads that you could look at. Now this is generally a solution for people who have lost music or their playlists on their account but it might rectify the issue you're having with your profile name:

Hope this does the trick,

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