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Numerical Account - what email?

Numerical Account - what email?

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 Spotify created a numerical account for me apparently, how do I find out what email that numerical account is associated with?  It appears to be linked to FB - but i have deleted FB and will not be activating it again.  When i reset password with the login email that I used for FB, Spotify loads an entirely different account than the numerical one.  I only want the numerical account.  Please assist.  

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I've actually had this issue a few years ago when I wanted to deactivate my facebook as well.  I discussed my options with Spotify Technical Support at the time and they told me that I would have to make a new Spotify account associated with the desired email address.  Once this account was made I would contact support again and they would transfer all of my playlists and music from my old account to the new one.  At this point you may delete the old account and deactivate facebook.  Unfortunetely, a Spotify account linked to your facebook may not be unlinked unless you remake the account entirely.  

It may be helpful to simply log into facebook, set your account so that no one can see you, delete all pictures and post history and then leave it as a blank account so that you dont have to go through the hassle of making a new account and merging your playlists over

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