Numerous suggestions for the Playstation Spotify app


Numerous suggestions for the Playstation Spotify app

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Hello, I am a playstation gamer who adores the spotify app. Though I have MANY issues with the app. It is definitely nowhere as versatile as the PC app, but that is to be expected.


The UI on the app needs a bit of reworking.

People with many songs have issues going to older songs because of the linear, horizontal list.

This list also automatically plays every song when you scroll over them, causing a bit of lag.

I'd like a zoomed out list, maybe verticle like on mobile and PC.

I would this zoomed out list to not automatically play every song that I scroll over, in order to make it faster.

We don't need to see every album cover, i'm sure we can identify what we're looking for by name.

Maybe give extra information as to when the song was added, the artist, and the album.

The other problem for me is finding new artists.

With the current setup, we cannot see artists similar to who we are listening to.

The only way people with playstation can find similar artists is to wait a week for discover weekly.

There is another huge problem, and that is playlists.

You can't make a playlist on playstation spotify which is absurd.

Even when I have made a playlist on PC, the problem is that I cannot order them in the correct date.

I enjoy the overview song list, as it puts newer songs in front of the older songs.

When making playlists on PC, you can simply click on the calendar.

This function is not on Playstation, and it frustates me because either the oldest songs are all in front, or the newer songs are split in the front or back.


I'd like to know if there are any reworks or patches coming soon to help with these various issues.


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Hey @Veitak


Thanks for coming to the Spotify community!


They are some great suggestions, you can submit them to the Spotify team using this link, if the ideas get enough kudos they developers will look to implement the ideas!