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Offline Issue

Offline Issue

I shut off my phone with the account set to offline and I cannot get back into the account because it says the account is set to offline and to be able to make it online again, I have to sign in on my phone. I tried the workaround described in another post but it did not work. I had to re-download the app and all of my playlists again. You should have the ability to sign in even if the account is set to offline. The account being set to offline should have no affect on whether you can sign in or not. Please fix this issue asap

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Hey, @samuelrhile


Thanks for coming to the Community.


Can you let us know if any of the below steps help out here:
- Reinstall the app
- Restart your device
- Restart your router
If not, let us know. We'll be happy to see what else we can suggest 🙂


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