Offline Music keeps getting deleted and general Problems

Offline Music keeps getting deleted and general Problems



I have been using Spotify for a while now, and once in a while (just using 2 devices, my PC, Windows, and my phone, Android) my whole playlist ONLY on my phone gets deleted, about 10 gigabytes of music, disabled with the text "sorry you are using 3 different devices". My question is what is happening ? I was listening to my music this afternoon perfectly fine while driving at work. I sat myself into my car to drive home, "whoops sorry deleted". I made a checkup if someone has breached into my account, reset passwords (fourth time by now this happened on a timespan over 6 months because of this happening), made the checkup of offlinedevices in the list on the website (screenshot), disconnected all devices and so on.

Spotify has come down a little since i joined and whilst that iam considering a change of provider.

Spotify just has so less stuff in terms of security, and manageability and availability.

I mean come on, its year 2017 and even forums have two factor auth now.

Also you cant use ok google to play your playlist in the car, it just picks a single song in repeat.

And not every song is aviable, what in fact is the smallest problem.

Spotify has just become so unflexible. Goes into one point of not having changelogs.

Also it feels like there is no real "support", because community handles the most, exept the payment and accounting issues.


Atm. I just wish theres a solving for my 2/3 Devices Problem that someone could answere, and maybe theres a deve here too listening. Cant you prioritize anything of the listed above ?


Thank you for listening


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