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I'm a Spotify Premium member for long time and i'm not happy !

This morning you deleted again the offline modus from one of my devices !

The reason is always the same , i'm using the offline modus on more than 3 devices !

That's impossible because for the moment i only have 2 !

Also it not possible as a Premium member to be first informed by Spotify about the issue, before you take the step of deleting all my offline modus !!!!

It takes me now another 2 days to get every track back in offline modus, my internet goes very slow and we can't do hardly any other internet work ! 

Can you therefore send me the list of the devices wich are registred on my account !


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Are you sure you haven't logged in on more than 3 devices? Be aware that multiple OS's are considered to be 2 devices, and if you erase a mobile device, it won't be unlinked and if you download tracks it'll be unlinked.


Spotify have to remove the tracks immediately, to conform to their agreements with the record labels 🙂



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