Offline playlists aren't there after I've synced them multiple times

Offline playlists aren't there after I've synced them multiple times


I've followed all the guides, installed on phone and on SD card, I've unmounted the SD card and formatted the SD card, still unsync my offline playlists daily.


I've resynced, reinstalled, redownloaded, cleared cached so many times that I've lost track.


The suggestions that spotify recommends do not work. I am a premium member.


And then to top it all off I see posts that people are having trouble canceling their subscriptions.


When I first downloaded spotify for my phone it worked absolutely flawlessly for a week, then one day playlists were gone.


And since that day, i've resynced 500+ songs multiple times which takes multiple hours.


I'm frustrated and will not pay for an app that doesn't work.


If this issue doesn't get solved soon, I will be canceling my subscription and uninstalling the app.

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Still no change, but now the spotify android app frequently won't open won't even open and freeze and force close, it just will not open.  I've had to uninstall and reinstall several times...this is getting very very annoying.


Hey Divinelyplaced-


Can you please let us know exactly which android device you're using? 


Epic 4g touch aka the sprint variant of samsung galaxy s2.

This is an old problem as far as I can tell. I have had it happen to me for the past several months, including right before an airplane trip, which caused me to go over on my data plan when I resynced the playlist via 3G.


My impression is that this is something that Spotify cannot fix, or will not fix because there isn't a large enough affected group (not worth enough $$$). If I don't get an adequate response (beyond, "we're working on it,") to my support ticket, then I'm personally closing my account.


I'd suggest the same if you don't get a quick resolution. Like I said, I've been waiting for a resolution for months and it just seems to be happening more and more frequently.


If I don't hear anything from spotify by the 4th I will be canceling my premium account and will fight any charges I get with legal action if there are any outstanding charges.


I tried (AGAIN) to clear cache, reset spotify and am currently resyncing my offline playlists...we shall see.  I will pay one month if nothing changes, i'll be switching to mog music.

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