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Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!


Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!

I often get a message on my iPhone from spotify that I have offline playlists synced on more then 3 devices, and I have an option if I want to save my offline playlists on my telefone the message says that I just should quit and restarts spotify.
BUT NOW TO THE PROBLEM!!: I follow the message and quit spotify with hope that all my offlinemusic will still be there, BUT NO..!! And the other thing is that i DO NOT have synced playlists on 3 devices!!!! ONLY on my iphone!! When I restart spotify all music that I have synced are gone!!!?? WHY?! This is so annoying, and I am a paying coustomer so this makes me so angry!! Why pay if the program, by itself deletes my synced stuff...please help? What to do when even not the steps that I follow do not do as it says..?!
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Please send me an email how to reset, i have the same problem. Really annoying. And is it not possible to sync on iphone/ipad without automatically being interrupted with "Spotify has stopped syncing your offline list blablabla..."? It would be nice to sync my playlists without open my phone every five minutes... On android you can sync your songs when phone is in sleep mode, but on iphone and ipad you have to turn it on every five minutes so the sync can continue. I understand that this is a batterysaver function, but hell, if my phone is put on charge while syncing this should not happen. Now, please, send me an email with the reset details 🙂

Hi Meredith,

I am about to take a 15 hour trip/flight and this just happened to my iPhone 4S. The whole point if getting a premium membership was to enjoy music offline... like on trips. This is the third time this has happened and we are all paying for a service which is not operating properly. I am as I type having to sync 100's of tracks. What if this happens in the plane?

Can you send me the e-mail so I can get rid of this issue? Quite frankly, fixing this should be a top priority for you guys. I've sent tweets to Spotify about this - no response. It's not weird we as customers are highly annoyed by this as we pay for a service you offer, but it's not being delivered.

Can you give us an idea of the status of this issue within Spotify, meaning is this an issue which is being handled by your QA team/programmers etc. or can we not expect a fix soon?

Thank you Meredith!

I can't agree more.


Meredith, thank you for your reset on my 3 devices and for your Feb 28th email : 


>I've now removed all of the devices on your account. 
>Please resync your offline playlists and let me know if you continue to receive this 'Over 3 devices' message. 


I've resync my playlist on one single device , my iphone, but a few hours later, the app decided once again to delete all my playlists. I've then sent you an email to update you and ask for help. This was 7 days ago, and i've received no answer yet. 


I will take the plane this evening, for a place where i will have no 3G available. I've just resync my playlists. my fear is that the app delete my offline content once again, while i won't be able to resync it. i will then have to spend 6 days without music, while paying a service for it. 


This would be a MAJOR failure for such a visible service as yours.


Please at least give us a clear explanation on what's happening, and about your plans to solve the problem.


Best regards.

Hi Meredith,
Yes please provide me with the information I need to reset my device asap. I am getting ready to take a flight in 9-10 hours.

Will resetting the devices delete any playlists? If not, I'd like to do this asap. I had the issue today again.. 2nd time in 2 days. Really worried this'll happen in the plane. I want to listen to awesome music during my hokidays - please send the info asap.

Thank you!!


Hello there,


I too have been experiensing this problem. I have an iPhone 4, an iPad 2 and a windows 7 PC that i use for Spotify use. However, I only sync offline playlists on the iPad and the iPhone. Not the windows 7 PC. Can you reset the devices for me aswell, or send me an e-mail with instructions to how I reset my devices? Thank you Spotify. 

can my account be reset so i could have a clean slate to set new devices

Please send me the email, too. Thanks, Meredith

Hello Meredith,

I am having the same issue with my iphone.

Could you please send me the details to reset my account also.


Same (very annoying) problem here... Please send me the email with instructions!

In order to reset the devices on your account, we may need to run some security questions by you. The best thing to do would be to come through our contact form - Click on "About Us" above, and then select "Contact Form". Feel free to post the case number you are given and we'll try and take a look for you.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Hi again,


After getting spotify to reset my devices, yet again I have been told I have more than three devices. This is becoming extremely annoying considering this was meant to have resolved the problem and I had synced all my music again onto my ipod to find they had been removed.






Im having the same problem.  Can you reset my devices please?


This issue is incredibly frustrating and is close to making me close my Spotify account since I only use Spotufy mobile and mainly for the offline playlist option.  If i cant rely on the service I wont be using it.  Im pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling this way if the tone of this thread is anything to go by.  

I'm having the same problem-- I receive the "more than three devices" message, but I'm only using spotify on my laptop and iPhone.  Helpz!

Meredith and David.

I just got the message again, this is the third time in 5 days. It happened on march 7th, march 8th and now again on while I'm on holiday.

I posted that I need help on march 8th. And already did what you suggested David (used the Contact Form) on march 8th (case number is 305081).

I am a paying customer and besides the obvious fact that you guys are not properly providing the service you say you would and that I and others are paying for a faulty product, the fact that Meredith has simply not reacted once since march 8th and that David asks us to take an action is very frustrating. Customer service is essential on creating customer loyalty - but nobody who has posted since marxh 8th has been helped.

I don't know if you guys are the only company on earth who don't need satisfied paying customers who promote your product to their friends - but I think I speak for eerybody if I say that you guys should give us the attention and effort we deserve as paying customers.

I now have to AGAIN sync all my offline playlists, 3rd time in 6 days. These are over 1000 songs. I am in holiday in an amazing city, I don't want to waste time syncing playlists.

1. Give us all the information we need to reset our devices in our inbox, just like the first persons who posted in this thread got from Meredith. We all pay like these customers, so want to be treated equally.

2. Fix your product. There was a time that AOL and MySpace were on top, nobody cares about them now (well, MySpace is trying to be competition for Spotify). Customers will not stay of they pay and do not get the product they paid for and they get no proper customer service/help.

I will sync my playlists again, I expect that I and all people who posted that they have this issue since march 8th will have a message in their inbox in 24 hours after this post. If this is not the case, we will have to get in touch with whoever is end-resposible for customer service by phone.

We, the customers, are the reason your company exists and grows. We will not sit by while you ignore us and fail to give us what we pay for.

Hi everyone, 


We know how frustrating it is when you receive this "offline playlists synced on more then 3 devices". This is the last thing we want.


While we have tried a few troubleshooting steps, it can take us a while to get to the bottom of issues like this. Please bear with us.


For the moment, please let us know if you experience any further changes by filling out our contact form. We’ll get back to you all as soon as we have a water-tight solution

I have the same problem.. what I have to do??


Hi Meredith,

What about me and others who have already filled in the contact form? I filled mine in on March 8th 2012 (case number is 305081).

Asking this too because the people who first asked received info on resetting their devices and only 1 of them wrote he still had the issue. So maybe we can all get this info as a temporary solution for now, or at least something to stop the bleeding.

Every time I now go into Spotify when I am outside I am stressed out that I will have this issue.

Thanks and hopefully this is resolved completely very soon.

Btw: people I know with Android do not have this specific issue.

Hey Meredith, I have the same problem. Could you send me the mail for the Device-Reset too?




I'm experiencing this issue as well, and it happens rather frequently. Quite frankly, it's bull**** because I only own 2 devices. I don't really understand what I'm paying for if I can't access my playlists offline because of this issue. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

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