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Old fb sunscribed to premium

Old fb sunscribed to premium

Hi, I just deactivated my old fb and made a new one. The problem is, the previous fb is the one subscribed to premium. Can I transfer it to my new linked fb account? Thanks
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Hi there! Did you create your account with Facebook? If so, you'll need to create a new Spotify account if you want it to be created with an email and a username, or with a new Facebook account. 

Hope this helps!

I have the opposite issue....I created a spotofy account and went premium and then when I try to link it says my facebook account is linked to another spotify. So if I log in using Facebook I'm on free and if I log on using user name I'm on premium I can't the 2 to link

Ok. Then I suggest that you delete your first account, the one where you signed up with Facebook. Use this contact form and talk to support

If you receive an email with no reply, you should reply to it anyway. It will take 24-48 hrs before you get an answer after that. 

When your old account is deleted you should be able to link Facebook win your new account. 

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