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Old profile picture won't change on Discover weekly

Old profile picture won't change on Discover weekly

I've changed my profile picture a while ago and it hasn't changed on my discover weekly playlist but it has changed on my account. The picture is of me and my ex so you can see why I don't want to see it anymore. I've tried everything to get rid of it. Please can someone help me?
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You may need to try reconnecting your Facebook account to your Spotify account so that it could reflect your current profile photo. It may take up to a few days for the change to be reflected on your Discover Weekly playlist, but that should do the trick!


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Hi yeah thank you. I have already tried that. It's been like this for possibly a month. Thank you for the advice though x

I'm literally having the exact same problem, did you manage to sort it in the end?

Hey there @Elslomo and @Mg110, thanks for reaching out!


The Discover Weekly playlist's photo is a bit slow to change sometimes. Give it some time and it will change on its own eventually 🙂


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No it's still the same. Do you know how to help?

No it's still the same. Do you know how to help?

@KatesHere I changed my profile months ago and it still hasnt changed. Picture is now of me and my ex- its a small slap in the face everytime you see it. This seems like a very simple glitch for spotify to fix. I see other people on other forums have had similar problems

Mg110, have you tried the solution on this page;


Might work for you. It wont for me unfortunely, I cant disconnect my account from facebook as I created my spotify with the facebook account.

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