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One facebook-two spotify accounts

One facebook-two spotify accounts


First of all I will discribe the situation as much as I can do and all obstacles. 

1. I registered Spotify account with Facebook, long time ago, got premium, still using that with many liked songs, playlists and etc. and I want keep that just because of history and meta data (Discover Weekly and etc.)

2. I changed my Facebook email, because it was not eligible anymore for my personal reasons, the Facebook account was the same. So....the registered old facebook email, is not existing anymore at all with all ensuing consequences, but still, it is in spotify account anyway. 

3. I registered the new spotify account for my Spotify Artist administration.

4. I have possibility now to link my Facebook to this New Account with New email, but the Facebook itself is the same, as was registered first time.

So, the main question is, what the consequences I will face if I do this? Will it affect somehow the old one Spotify Account or not?

Thank You in advance. 


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I'm wondering, if you change the facebook email address, do you then have to logon with that email address? Or is the logon email address the old one and is the new one only used to send emails.




I still see my old email in Spotify account dashboard, but when I need to log I login with new one ofcourse, but this feature goes through facebook login way. I never loged in with my old or new email adress and password in Spotify account with default way, only throu Facebook login way.


For I did not received any answer on my question I tried to link my Facebook account to new Spotify account and nothing happened, system do not change anything, the problem is that I was afraid of loosing my old spotify account with all saved songs, because of it was originally registered with facebook, so logically continue the chain if I will link the new one, maybe it will be some bug or something and I will be able now to login only to new one with default way or through facebook...ahhh

Hey there @notaartista,


Thanks for reaching out! 


Just so you know, to connect your Facebook account to your new Spotify account, you must first disconnect Facebook from your old account. You can find more info on that here.


To have your email address in your old account updated, you can contact support. After that, you can keep both accounts and have your new Spotify account connected with your Facebook. 


Hope you like the sound of that and that we could help!



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