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Opportunity to improve

I wanted to change my email from **bleep** to 


but you say that the David51...... email is already in use. 

How can that be?

Your numerous help suggestions have not covered this situation and so I have nowhere else to turn but here.

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Hi @JohnGalt1,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out! Heads up: I've moved your post to the Help board as it fits better here.


It's possible that the email is already in use by an old account of yours. You can try accessing it by resetting the password. Once you're in, you can either change the email to another one or simply close the account to avoid further confusion in the future. Note that it may take up to 14 days for the closing process to complete: until then the email address will remain taken.


If you suspect that someone else is using your email without your consent, or require any additional assistance, I'd recommend reaching out to the folks over at Customer Support as they're the folks who can help you out further and provide you with more insight on the matter.


Hope you get this sorted out soon. The Community is always here if something else comes up in the meantime.



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Hey @JohnGalt1,


hey just going let you know that the 2nd gmail link shows your full email in the search bar just going to let you know and people can copy the email in the search bar and send you emails that you may not want and get spam. 


If you believe that this post helps you out maybe leaving a like on here and accept this as a solution and please if you feel like it you can follow my spotify they are free and you can always revoke your like or unfollow me. 😄


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