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Options A, B or C, which should I choose to stop the system from blocking my account?

Options A, B or C, which should I choose to stop the system from blocking my account?

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I am a premium user. Just because I accidentally opened VPN for other websites but forgot to close Spotify (website page), only one time, and since then, my account gets put on the "blacklist." The system locked me "Every Month!"


Whenever my account gets locked, I go to customer service and take 20-30 mins to explain what happened to me for unlocking. 


*From customer service representative A:

Suggested to me that I endure with it until the first payment.

Then, maybe the system will remove my accounts from the "blacklist."

*From customer service representative B:

"There is no hope. The only way is to delete my account forever. Get a new email. Start a new Spotify account."

*From customer service representative C:

How about going to the Spotify community and posting the situation? Maybe engineers see the posts and fix the bugs.


I go with option C at the moment. But I also want to know, A or B, which one should I choose, if the post no engineer seeing?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



Account created and accidentally open VPN (for other websites) at the same time in:

Dec 2023


Join Premium Individual Plan on:

22nd Dec 2023

( Now on a three-month trial. I already gave my credit card and will start payment on 22nd Mar 2024).


Blocked happened so far on: 

15th Nov 2023

08th Dec 2023

10th Jan 2024

16th Feb 2024

(Yes literally every Month!)




Premium Individual



Operating System



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Hey @gethappyplace_b42027,


Thanks for coming to the Community.


I recommend waiting another month to see if the issue occurs again. If it does, it's best to reach out to Support and to create a new account.


Support will be able to transfer all your stuff from your old account to your new one, just so you know. 🙂


Hope this helps!

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