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[Other] Alert when logged in to many times

[Other] Alert when logged in to many times

I was logged into Spotify on my Mac and when I tried to login / play on my iPhone the song would just start and stop. After spending and hour searching the web I came across that you had to logout of one device. If your app can make the songs stop playing it should be pretty easy to pop and alert saying you need to logout of one device. Frustrating experience. Almost to the point of canceling and going with Apple Music... 

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Hey @Smitty3


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


We moved your post from the Ideas board to the relevant Help Board, where it fits better.


Currently, you can log in and listen to Spotify on as many devices as you like, but you can only play on one device at a time with one account. 


Just to make sure, does the playback stop on your PC when you log in to your account on a different device or if it only stops when you try to play music on the other device?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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Thank you for your reply. I had Spotify open in my browser on my Mac but not playing. When I tried to play from my iPhone it would start for a split second and then stop. Once I shut down the browser the phone would play. 


My point is that a simple prompt or message in the phone app would have saved me a lot of searching. i.e. "Please close down other players..." or something to that extent.

Hi there @Smitty3,


Thank you for your reply.


As @Eni mentioned above, you don't need to log out of any other devices for you to use Spotify on a different on. However you can only use one device for playback at a time.


You should also get an in app message where you can choose to continue playing from the web player or continue playing from your phone.


In this case we suggest that you clear your cache and cookies in your browser and also perform a clean reinstall on the phone. This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


Let us know how everything goes.

Take care!

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