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Over charged student account

Over charged student account

I am currently still a student and I recently renewed my student account. However, I was charged $9.99 this month, instead of $4.99. Could you please issue the refund of $5? Thank you!

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I am a university student and have paid the $5/month price for the past year or so, but when I checked my account and noticed the past four months I have been charged $10/month (since November). I understand that I need to update my college information every year, and I went ahead and did this, but I never recieved an email reminder to this like the website indicates whould happen, and I would like to know how to go about requesting a refund for the overcharged fees for the past four months. I'd really appreciate it if I could get this money back! Every little bit counts when you are a college student. Thanks!

Hey just so you know all refunds and stuff have to go through the support form, spotify could answer but they arent going to be able to give you money unless you contact them internally. Did you get a confirmation email that your renewal for student was accepted? Spotify uses some kind of outsider to make sure students are really students and they could have denied you becasue of like a typo or maybe  it didnt process before your payment charged? Just some thoughts, let me know

I feel you girl. Contact them through the contact form adn they can pull up your account info and stuff. The outside account Spotify uses could have denied your request for requalification or something. But as far as a refund goes definitley send them an email. If they dont answer within a day or so respond to the confirmation email that you recieve

No I did not receive a confirmation email regarding my student renewal but
I really am a student and can prove by giving a student ID or .edu email
address. How can I contact the support form? Can't seem to find the support



I'm pretty sure this is the link to the form. You could also tweet at them @SpotifyCares

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