When I first signed up, I used my Facebook account. The username I was given was a lot of numbers. At first it wasn't that annoying, since we could log in with our email like 2 years ago. But then Spotify deleted this feature and now I have to use my Facebook information for every time I need to log in.


It's really frustrating this situation. We have 4 different accounts in my home. Sometimes I can't enter in the Windows app since the computer I'm using won't open the Facebook page and I'm forced to use the web player (which freezes my computer often)

I'm pretty sure I can log in with my username so i don't have to put my FB info, but how am I going to remember my username H%7HÑ41.FD2/(%&154)5"!$#4 ??


I swear, I'm really tired of this situation and the only reason I haven't cancelled my premium is because I can use the family plan. Please just let us change our username. Even if we have to pay for a change i'll sure pay it. And I'm sure i'm not the only one that wants this.

(OR give us an easier way to log in)

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A similar idea or topic has already been raised here:


Kindly add your votes and comments there please!


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