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PS Plus premium account not working on Android app

PS Plus premium account not working on Android app






OnePlus 5

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Android Oreo


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I have ordered premium account tru PS Plus. In Playstation The app shows that The account is premium and according to wallet I have paid until 5.7.2018. However on Android My account is still free and not able use premium. I have logged out but still not working.

Everything worked fine on May when I used first free premium Month but after 5.6. premium account is not working on phone.

I need to fix this ASAP

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Hi @HownHown, thanks for coming to the Community!


Have you tried visiting your Spotify Account Page on computer to check your account status? 


On the sidebar on the left, go down to Subscription and you can see if you are on Spotify Free or Premium. If it says you are on Premium, is it possible that you logged into the wrong account on your Android? Try playing a song on your Playstation account and then open Spotify on your Android. If you are on the right account, when you go to Settings > Device > Devices Menu, the PS4 should show up.


Please let me know how it goes so I can help you further 🙂

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