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PS3 and spotify will not show playlist on TV when using spotify connect

PS3 and spotify will not show playlist on TV when using spotify connect

I have spotify premium  on my phone and computer and had it on my PS3. We played it on the PS3 and the song selected, genres, types of music etc. would appear on TV screen and you could pick your selection using bluetooth controller. I had to reset my PS3 to factory and there was no spotify logo on screen so I downloaded spotify from PS store and followed the steps to sign back in. Regardless if I activate via sign in or using my cell phone via spotify connect, the music plays over my speaker system tied into my tv, however there are no longer playlist/genres etc. on tv screen (Just blue screen that says welcome Bill etc. and the only way to select song etc. is using my cell phone which is now linked to PS3 account? I have tried deleting spotify from ps3 and reinstalling but end up with the same results. I have searched forums etc. and cant find an answer. I simply want to be able to launch spotify using ps3 and have songs etc. show on TV screen and play music through surround sound system hooked to tv. I do not want to play/select songs through my  phone. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hey @billmarck, welcome to the Community!


Does it help if you restart your internet connection (router)?


Let us know.

Actually the issue started when I lost wi-fi connectivity with my router so I reset the router and no reslove so I reset the ps3 to factory settings and then went back to my router and changed a channel setting and connectiviey was back. I reloaded netflix (works fine) I can see my router and external hard drive. So the router doesn't seem to be an issue. 



Thanks for replying!


Is it possible for you to attach a picture of what happens on your PS3 when trying to play songs/playlists?


We'll take a closer look.

The first file illustrates the message on my TV when playing Spotify through ps3. The music is playing but selection and playlist etc. is through cell phone.

The second message is obvious i.e. I click log in to see if playlist will show and it tells me I am already logged in .

The third file is a grab from my computer screen of Spotify opening page. I use to get this on my tv via ps3 and use my ps3 bluetooth control to select songs and playlist via tv screen (no cell phone), but now I just get music and the screen via first file listed.

I have tried logging into spotify via password and name on PS3 but then it reverts me to the second file advising I am already linked in. I have deleted the program 4 times and reinstalled still all the same thing. Is there another way to install spotify on PS3 with out going through through the PS3 store?

Music is presently playing through ps3 but no spotify page.jpg
message that I receive when music is playing through PS3.jpg
Picture (from computer) that use to be on TV when run through ps3.jpg

Thanks for the images!


We've had a look at them and can see that you're unable to login because your account has already been linked to a different PlayStation. If you logged in on a different one, you'll first need to log out of that one and then log back in on the one you'd like to use.


Let us know how that goes.

The issue is I only have the one playstation and never logged into any other. The night before I lost connectivity with my PS3 my Spotify worked fine. As soon as I had to reset PS3 to factory, then the problems (as explained in this thread) started. If I log into Spotify on my cell or computer using my password and name it works fine . If I try to log into Spotify using password and name on PS3 it tells me I am already linked in with playstation. If I log in to Spotify using my phone, then I get music on TV but no picture of Spotify page - just welcome.

Well thanks for at least giving the issue your consideration.

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