PS4 Log In Problem


PS4 Log In Problem

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Greetings from Portugal.

Recently i decided to once again install Spotify for PS4. I came across a problem because my spotify account was connected to my old PSN account. I managed to solve that problem by going here and doing revoke access:

But i have a new problem. Everytime i log in, i get the message about you can only use spotify 14 days abroad which i have no idea why i get it. I never got that on my desktop or cell-phone, i just get it on my PS4. My country settings and IP are a match, so i have no idea what the problem is here.

Can somebody help me?

Much appreciated.

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Re: PS4 Log In Problem


Hey @user-removed!


It's odd that this happens. You can check the country of your account here. If you need to update it, follow the instructions in here.


Let us know how it goes!