PS4 account useable on other devices?


PS4 account useable on other devices?

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Ok I have been using Spotify since it was available on the PSN firstly as a free service but subscribed a short while ago.


I have other devices I'd like to use it on like the phone I set up this free account on in order to post here as well as tablets and smart devices throughout my house.


I have the ability to control Spotify on my PS4 from my phone but I'd like to use my premium account while out and about as well as on other devices around my house that don't have the ability to connect to my PS4 like my Amazon Echo 8.


Can this be done?

Do I need to set up an account and subscription for each device?







(Samsung Note 9, Anazon Echo 8, PC, PS4, Samsung Smart TV, plus other devices)

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All up to date currently, not going to list them all sorry.

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Yeah absolutely, a Spotify account can be used across all different platforms, just log in with the same account you use on PS4.

Happy holidays 🙂

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OK that leads me to my next question.

As I was never asked to set up a user name and password for Spotify on the PS4. Is my PSN account name and password my Spotif username and password?

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Hey @Cristari,


Thanks for your question.


When creating your Spotify account, you should have been asked for an email and password combination. 


You should use this (versus your PSN account details) to log in to Spotify on your other devices.


If you're unsure what that combination is, you can check out the steps in this support article.


Let us know how you get on - we'll be here in case you need any further help.

This happened to me too, and after contacting Spotify support, I found that the email linked to that account was one that I have not created so I cannot get into it to reset my password for my Spotify account.