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 Hi I would love to be able to control music that is derogatory to women and has disgusting content. Turning on explicit is excellent for young children but not relistic for early teens as half of the music they listen too has the odd swear word in it. Kids and teens love hip hop but some of it is just gross, and is on numerous spotify play lists, could we perhaps have some way of rating these songs? im  on spotify premium and each user signs up for an account and puts in their age??

Thanks and we all love spotify Phil 

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Re: Parental Controls

Gig Goer

You could make playlists of music w no swear words and if you can’t find any on mobile, on the computer (at least my laptop) you can usually find alternative versions of the same music that are “clean” versions 

Re: Parental Controls

Casual Listener

That doesn't resolve the OP's request. It's a parental control issue: Explicit is too broad thus when Explicit is turned off on individual youths' accounts that are part of a Family account, it blocks too much of the music that young teens listen to that has only mild bad language.


Re: Parental Controls

Casual Listener

Completely agree with Phil. Parents need to be able to protect their children from the extreme content that prevails in a lot of modern music. There are lyrics that incite violence, usually towards women, and much that is so sexually vile and graphic that it could be deemed pornographic and illegal for minors to be exposed to.


I have a young teen and a tween, and I have a Premium/family account, so I use the new control to turn off explicit content. However, it has caused much consternation as the kids are frustrated at not being able to listen to their favourite artists because they often have some songs with low-level swearing which falls into Spotify's Explicit rating. 


A song being simply categorised as either Explicit or not, is an overly-basic classification, which leads to the explicit filter preventing a huge volume of artists' music from being listened by their young fans.


An age-rating is the obvious solution: it's not rocket science. Governments rate content for almost all other media forms. The film industry ratings have been in force for over 50 years, and the advertising industry has a Code of Conduct they have to adhere to.


Surely artists would welcome an age rating system, giving them the opportunity to increase their music's play-rates with younger fans being able to listen to their music.


If music streaming services like Spotify don't sort this out soon then consumers will continue to complain and a standard will be forced upon you.