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Password Not Saving or Keeps Changing?!?!

Password Not Saving or Keeps Changing?!?!

Hi Everyone,


I am a preminum member and have been so for a while now... but I am now starting to get extremely frustrated.  Every few days I open my spotify app and it says "login/password" oppose to opening right into the app which is what it did for the longest time.


Then I enter my username and password and it says the password is incorrect.  I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I am NOT entering in the wrong username and password...


so I am force to reset my password and i reset it to the EXACT samething... make note of it and then in another day or so the password DOESN'T WORK AGAIN! I repeat this step over and over and now I am beyond frustrated.


It appears that spotify isn't saving my password....


I login with a username and not facebook...


Is anyone else having this issue? Anyone know what may be causing it?

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Hello there @frankrom, welcome to the community!


That doesn't sound right. Is it happening in one device? What Spotify client are you using? Loggin_in_Facebook.png


Let me know 🙂



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I am having the exact same issue, on the desktop client

I have the same issue. Every other week or so it decides that I've changed my password (I haven't) and won't let me log in. I usually use the password reset to "change" my password to the same one I've been using, and that works for another week or two, then the problem reoccurs.


Today it happened again, except I had to reset it on my iphone because i was in the gym. Then when I got back to my desktop computer, the "new" password wouldn't work to log in. I had to try to reset the password again on my desktop, except that now the password reset page kept giving me the message "The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form." so I couldn't even use that. Eventually it decided it would let me reset the password so I'm back on, but it was annoying, especially since my gym time is limited and I need tunes to work out (the music they play in there on the speakers is awful). 


Something is definitely screwed up with Spotify's password system.

Same thing here for this long time Premium user;  both the web login and the desktop app keep needing to have the password reset every few days due to "username or password" not being recognized by Spotify.  Just like the other user I am able to "reset" the password to the exact same one that I've used since the beginning and then immediatly login with no issues for a few days more.  No user error -- definitely a Spotify system issue.


Spotify, please fix this issue!

Same thing happened to me two days in a row on both my iPad and Android phone. It happened yesterday first. When I tried to open the Spotify app on my iPad, it asked me to log in. This was odd because I should have already been logged in. I tried my password (which I am 100% sure was correct) and it wouldn’t let’ me login. I tried on my phone and had the same exact result. So then I clicked forgot password and reset my password via the web portal. Spotify app worked fine on both devices for the rest of the day. Today I opened the Spotify app on my iPad only to find I had been logged out again. Same thing on my Android phone. I tried the password I had set yesterday (100% sure I entered the right password) and it wouldn’t let me login on either device. So I had to reset my password yet again. The funny thing is, today I reset my password to the same password I had set yesterday. This is really frustrating. I use Spotify to get me in the zone to be productive and this is causing me a lot of wasted time.

Please help!!



Same for me! So annoying!! Now I try to reset my password and it's giving me "The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form." so there's actually nothing I can do!

I'm having this same issue as well!!!  Its logged me out a number of times and my password does not work.  I'm locked out of my account.  two weeks ago this happened and I was able to change my password.  


I got logged out three or four days ago again, but this time around I cant change my password to get back in.  When I click the Forgot Password link - my email address (which I use to login) is aparently "not linked to a spotify account".  This is BS because I've used it to login to my spotify account for as long as I've had my account.  


Further to that, I can request a reset with my username instead, but the email to change the password does not show up in my email.  Its as if someone has now changed my email within my account.  


Has Spotify been hacked? This is EXTREMLY unusal behavior, and EXTREMLY frustrating - especially to those who have premium accounts that they're paying for but cannot use. I had to create a new account JUST TO POST THIS.


Can we please get this thread bumped up and looked at seriously by Spotify staff?  

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