Password is wrong

Password is wrong



Today i was trying to buy Spotify Premium. But when I was trying to pay i have to gave up my password on the spotify Website. Im 100% sure its the correct password but he's keep telling me its a wrong password :S


What to do??







Sorry didnt look further in the other subtopic. I fixed it with switching browser like some other said 😉


please close this one or w/e :$


Thanks in advance



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Help - I can login to the Spotify webpage and can see my active account BUT I cannot log in to Spotify pop up icon

I´ve changed the password and that has been accepted. This problem started weds 28 March. I have E mailed support@Spotify and received the auto reply only.

Anyone else having problems - the service has been fine for 6 months until last week

I have the same problem I've tried with both firefox and GoogleChrome ... "shut up and take my money!"

I have the same problem here. I just accepted the 30 day Premium Trial but i can't cancel the subscription because it says my password is incorrect.

Hi everyone-- There are a couple things you could try here.

1. Change your Internet browser. If you're using Internet Explorer give Chrome or Firefox a try.

2. Log out of the Facebook website.

Once you've done both of these, head over to your subscription page and give it another go.

Logging out of the Facebook website did it for me. Also used IE9 which worked for me :).


Worked after I logged out of Facebook even from my mobile phoneand downloaded firefox, you have no plans to fix this problem? is not the first time it happens but every time you change the paymentmethod

I'm having the same problem. I lost my debit card awhile ago so my subscription was terminated.  Have put in new card details and have tried to up grade my account but keeps telling my my password is incorrect, even though it is not.  Have changed password via facebook which hasnt worked and have just tried closing facebook down on phone and computer again hasnt worked. Considering your a internet busness you would think it would be this difficult to pay you some money and get your service. 

Hi Makan- I can see you were able to upgrade your account yesterday afternoon. You should now be enjoying Spotify Premium.

Which step worked for you? Was it a matter of giving it another ago on a new Internet browser?

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