Password reset link claims its expired?


Password reset link claims its expired?

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Tried logging into another device to use my Spotify account on it, which hasn't worked but involved me trying to reset my password- and logging out of my main device.

Now I'm logged out and the password won't reset- have tried resetting the password and getting the password link via email several times and it keeps saying the link is expired- to be clear I've clicked the forgotten password link each time and got a new email with a new link each time.

So I'm logged out and can't reset my password! Help please! Need Spotify to be working for a marathon on Sunday...

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Re: Password reset link claims its expired?


Hey Bugjam1999, welcome to the Community! I'm so sorry that you've been having password reset issues, especially with such a big event like a marathon coming up. It's a problem Spotify are aware of and they're on it -  but it can easily be fixed by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If that's not working, how about trying another browser? 


If all else fails, drop Spotify Support a line at: - but clearing your cache and cookies is the best solution possible as it stands. Please let me know how it goes and do feel free to post in the Community, to either help others, share your awesome jams or have a chin-wag in the off-topic forum, you can do just about anything here! Good luck!

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