Password unknown and Email hacked on facebook linked account

Password unknown and Email hacked on facebook linked account


Actually I log in to my spotify account using facebook for years and I have forgotten my very very old password. Un fortunately my account is linked to an email address that have been hacked years ago and on which I have no access.

I want to update my email address, but when I want to the form ask me for the current account password ... which I don't know because I'm using facebook auth ....


Any help on this ?


Thanks in advance

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Hey! Thanks for coming to the community for help 🙂

If you’re unsure which email you used, I’d recommend having a quick scan of the email accounts you own for emails from ‘’. That way you can determine which one you used to sign up for Let me know if you’re unable to track that email down.


For your password, I’d recommend checking out this guide to resetting your password here ”Change or reset your password”. However, please note if you created your account with Facebook you’ll need to reset your password at

If you're still having issues, give this page a quick scan and see if there is anything of use!


Hopefully this helps! (and if it does, marking this as a "solution" will make it easier for others with the same problem to find)


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