Pay back money or fix problem

Pay back money or fix problem




i think you guys on the Spotify Support Team would be quit familiar with this issue that i have got like TONS of other customers of yours.


I've had premium for months without any complications. On January 21th or something i lost both my premium subscription AND my playlists. I can't even see my last receipts on the "My receipts"-page even though i have the receipts in my mailbox. It seems you have decided to delete my account from your system. Why's that?


I've writen to you like 5 times. You answered me back saying you needed some informations to recover everything. I gave you those informations but yet you got back to whatever you were doing cus you let me hanging for a week now. So frustrating cus i get the image of a bunch of incompetent ......


And as i can see, i am by far not the only one having this issue nor this anger. So PLEASE get your fingers out of that a-hole of yours and fix the problem or PAY BACK OUR MONEY.

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I have had the same problem.  My premium account has been working for months, but literally five minutes ago or so it just vanished.  Spotify logged me out and asked me to log back in.  When I logged back in my account reverted to a free account, did the just getting started intro jive, and deleted all my music / play lists.  Upon trying to check my billing information I found that spotify no longer shows any record of me having any billing information or receipts at all, however I checked my bank account and spotify has had no trouble taking my money. 


What needs to be done to fix this problem or refund me?


Additionally I dug a bit deeper in my account info, I should still have my premium account until 2/16.  That's 3 days from now.


Hey guys,


Elledinho - I've had a look at the emails we've been sending back and forth. Your problem appears to be pretty unique and our team are working hard on fixing it. I apologise for the inconvenience. Our team will keep you updated.


NerveDamage - Your problem appears to be what Richard talks about here:


If you could try and follow the steps he mentions, your playlists should reappear.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Well thank you,


but how come you haven't done anything yet? The last two times i contacted you, i got the same answer saying "we will fix it"... How long do I have to wait?

Really frustrating having waited for like MONTH.


If I send you the receipt, can u give me back my money? Cus if u cant solve this issue, i want my money back and in return i promise not to ever use your application ever again

I'm having a very similar problem. I've paid for premium and can see my receipt. I wanted premium for the family and all I want now is to get my money back and never see, here or interact with Spotify again. How can you be a cutting edge technology company with so many account/billing issues. You've gone to an electronic support model, but have way to many fundamental problems. Work out most of the issues before you run off all your customers. I feel like I ordered Comcast without a number to get put on hold. Wow, I'm amazed there's a customer support VP that hasn't been fired. I'd fire the person in charge yesterday if this was my company. Fix my **bleep** or refund my money. Apple Music here in come.

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