Pay via PayPal question

Pay via PayPal question


I am on the free plan and want to upgrade to premium. I am in Canada and use a Samsung Galaxy S8. 

I want to pay for a full year upfront and pay via PayPal.  I am in Canada and double checked my country in my PayPal account matches the country in my spotify account. 

When I choose the PayPal payment option it let's me log into my account and then I see the credit card linked but I want to pay using my bank account I have linked to my PayPal account. 

When I click on change within my PayPal account I am not able to change the option to use my linked bank account. I only have the option of entering in another credit card. 


Does anyone know why this is happening. I like to pay for things upfront rather than use a credit card or charge it each month.



S Bibb


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 Hi @bibbsara,


Thanks for coming to the community with your query, folks here like myself are more than happy to help!

You may have looked at this before but it is a Spotify help page for PayPal troubleshooting:

Now I have no experience in regard to paying with PayPal for this but maybe some other folks in the community can chip in. Also have you tried contacting PayPal about this?


Best wishes,



Thanks for the response. I have looked at the link but doesn't answer my
question. I don't know how to contact spotify as they don't do phone
support and I can't seem to find an email to use. I'm a ready to pay
customer that can't pay 😉


No problem! If you want to reach out to a member of the customer support team, you can do so via this link:


Thanks I used the link and resolved my question. For anyone else so they know you can only pay for a year's subscription with a credit card even if its through PayPal. but you can purchase a physical gift card that's for a year's subscription and redeem it and obviously I can pay for that card via my bank account. you can find the gift cards in a shopper's drug mart I was told but I personally have seen them elsewhere where gift cards are sold 

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