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Paying for Premium and not receiving it

Paying for Premium and not receiving it






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I have been paying for Premium for several years. I haven't missed a payment or had issues with payments. I now receive ads during listening, dispite paying for premium. I used to not get ads. Now I do. I have tried on different browsers, and I still get ads. I have cleared the browser cache, multiple times, I still get ads. I am 100% certain my premium is linked to this account. 


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hi blundercrush ,


I suggest you try signing in with other email accounts to ensure there is no other account registered with spotify.


Or you can enter the spotify with the account that the ads are appearing, and click on the ACCOUNT next to your photo. Once you've done that, you'll be directed to a page where you'll have to log in again, use the same account you entered into spotify. after login on this page, in the left corner of the screen of your pc click on SIGNATURE. there you will know the plan that is associated.


I've confirmed that this did not fix my issue. I've also made sure to sign out of everywhere, and sign back in only using my paid account. 




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