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Paying for multiple accounts with the same credit card

Paying for multiple accounts with the same credit card

Hello!  So I am trying to use spotify premium for my senior thesis and am trying to get people to listen to music before sleeping. I am paying for spotify premium accounts for people for a month (part of the participant compensation), but I am unable to use my credit card to pay for these accounts.  I think this may be because I used this card for a free Premium account before.  We have created individual free accounts for each person and then are planning on upgrading them (but will pay for each one...but cannot since we cannot get past the free subscription thing.). Unfortunately, I am not really sure how to just go straight to paying for these accounts individually when they have not undergone the 30 day free trial first.  Can anyone help me?? Thanks!!


Preferably, i would just ask my participants to put in their own information and create accounts, but many of the participants are not that computer savy and find it easier if we just do everything.

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Hey @mac02012, Welcome to the community! 🙂


As a fraud prevention measure, you can only use one credit card per account 😞


Maybe try buying multiple prepaid credit cards and use them?

I dont like the way you say "fraud" if people were able to use one credit card for multiple accounts they would be entitled to and you couldn't accuse them of being frauds.


I know this is old and you probably dont need the answer anymore but maybe it can help others. 

I was in a similar position  what I did was buy multiple spotify gift cards and share with the people I wanted to have acces to spotify premium. 

You can buy them here: Premium Gift Card


They just need to have a spotify account and redeem the code here



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