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Paying for premium but not getting it!

Paying for premium but not getting it!

Can someone PLEASE help me?  Over the years I have created several Spotify accounts mainly because I have either forgotten I have it or forgotten password etc.  On my last account I decided to go for premium which I loved,  and here is where it gets complicated. I had it installed on my works mobile, great no problems until I got made redundant in January, without thinking I deleted the Spotify account on the phone so I could hand it back.  No problem I thought I can just log back in on a different phone .... nope!  I have four email accounts I have logged on with and every single one says I am using Spotify free and not premium but I still getting charged.  Please can some help me? The account I have premium on has all my playlists for my treatment days (have been very ill).  There must be some way of finding out what account my premium account is linked too? By the way I have checked every email on every account as suggested on the forums/help pages etc and found no receipt.  I was even happy to cancel my subscription and re start it in a different email... oh wait I can’t do that because I have to go the account that the premium is st up on to cancel it (not that I want too). Sorry for the rant but I’m tearing my hair out and I am lost without my music to get me through all these awf treatments. 

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Hey @TCB69, thanks for reaching out to us!


Sorry to hear you've lost access to your Premium account.


To make sure you cover all bases, try following these steps. Also, try logging in here, and head to Subscription, to double check if the account is Premium or Free.


To clean things up a little, you can close any Free accounts you find with your information.


Let me know if you're able to find it.

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