Payment of subcription failed

Payment of subcription failed




On the devices I play Spotify on I get a message the payment for my subscription has failed. The subcription fee is hooked up with a credit card and as far as I can see all subcriptions are payed. Is there any way I can get this confirmed/fixed?


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Hey Eric!


Your card might be expired or you might want to update your payment method. Either way, checking your Subscription page should give you a clue as to what's going on.


If you need more help, there's always the Support team either via the Contact form (email) or @SpotifyCares (tweet).


Hope that helps 🙂


I have the same situation. Subscription is hooked up by automatically payment by VISA. Went OK for the last couple of years. Untill today. Credit card is valid however. When I try to update my payment method all fields by Credit Card are empty, looks like my VISA details are gone...

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