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Payment wasn't processed

Payment wasn't processed

Hi there,


My payment for my account from Paypal didn't go through, as I recently got a new card and forgot to change the details on Paypal.  The payment was meant to come out today, but hasn't, and there was a message on my Spotify alerting me to the fact that payment hasn't been taken.  I've changed the details with Paypal, now I need to know what to do next.  Do I manually send my £9.99 subscription to Spotify, or will they automatically try and take it again today?

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They normally try to process the payment again. Doesn't the email you received say so?

I didn't receive an email; it was a banner on the top of my Spotify that told me this morning.  Aaargh!

Strange, they always send an automated email - nothing in your junk mail folder? I guess you could make a manual payment today (buy a gift voucher and apply it). If they then successfully take payment from your paypal account too, it just means that they won't take a payment next month.


Weekends are a bad time to get hold of anyone at support so this may be the best option.

I can contest to this option. jwylot suggested to resubmit an order. Perhaps since it's the weekend, you can get this straightened out early next week. I now have two withdrawls from Spotify USA registered to my bank account, both from the same card. It's the same process as with Paypal.


But now I am able to use the Unlimited player on my computer!!!! (I was't able to in the last 40 minutes, despite sending my payment almost three days ago!) 🙂


P.S. My subscription is for Unlimited, not Premium, but it's the same payment process. Surely if you try the suggested method, you will gain Spotify Premium. 😉

Without music, life would B♭

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