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My card the Spotify account is linked to has been hacked and it had to be cancelled. A payment is due and I don’t have the new card yet. How do I go about paying the monthly fee as it’s due. 


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What a great question! What you can do, since your credit card hasnt arrived yet, is actually going to either Walmart, 7 Eleven, Staples and many other places and look for a Spotify Gift Card. Once you buy the necessary gift card to cover your payment, you should be safe until your new credit card arrives


Here is a link to stores that are authorized to sell Spotify Gift Cards )


If you have any other questions let me know. 🙂


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Hey @Albi95, welcome to the community!


Depending on how long it'll take for the new card to get to you, you can either add a month of Premium using giftcards or a different payment method as @Keanu_C said, or wait for it to arrive.


When a payment doesn't go through, the system will try to process it again every few days. You'll receive an email notification about this and a due date on when the account will go back to Free automatically.


Depending on when you last paid for Premium, you might have enough time to wait for the new card and update it before the account goes back to Free.


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