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I do not have a premium account, but every month spotify charge to me 9,99€. why?


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Hey there!

That's wierd, can you check your status in your dashboard?

If you're charged €9,99 a month, you may have a Premium subscription.


I've checked. but I donìt have it. I had it. but spotify is still charging me the fee

Alright, so your current status is "Free"?

Just to be sure, you can cancel your Premium subscription using this form.

(Just click the "I'd rather switch to Free"-button to keep your free account.)

yes it is free


the link seems not work. where I can find it? 

Make sure you're logged in before clicking the link, but you can find it yourself using your dashboard:

Dashboard > Subscription > Cancel your subscription.

perhaps I was not clear. I've already cancelled it, but on my bank account I still continue to see 9,9 per month. Should I get in contact with my banks?

Alright, please contact Spotify using this form. 😉

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