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Phone log in offline failure

Phone log in offline failure

Hey guys! Just a quick questions. At the moment, my sister, father and I share a Spotify Premium account. We are using the offline mode with our phones, laptops and tablet. The offline mode is being used on three different devices, which means the fourth one should not be accepted. So my Dad just logged in on Spotify via his mobile phone for the first time ever! Guess what? Spotify is "deleting all his offline playlists because he is using the fourth device". I would totally understand this if he would have actually made an offline playlist on his phone, but that's impossible because he has never used his phone for Spotify. Ever. Can anyone explain what's going on? Oh and by the way, he doesn't have any connections with iCloud, so his iPod and his iPad have never been sharing anything with his iPhone. Thank you!
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Hello @naomigriep. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!

Offline mode is an awesome feature, so I certainly understand how you'd like to use it. Hopefully I can clarify some things about it, and make a suggestion to improve your Spotify experience overall. 🙂 Let's get started!


Spotify offline mode currently supports a maximum of 3 devices per account. When your dad logs in the 4th device using the single Spotify account, it usually removes the oldest device from the allowed offline devices list, found here. Even though he hasn't downloaded any music on this 4th device, it still counts as a 4th device.


However, I have an even better solution for you guys. Have you considered Spotify Premium for Family? Each of these 6 accounts can have up to 3 offline devices, which would solve that problem for you. 🙂 Plus, it would save money too.


Let me know if you have any other questions. Keep on rockin'!

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