Phone number showing to public on playlists

Phone number showing to public on playlists


I can see my phone number when searching public playlists. It’s not listed on my account no have no idea how it’s there and I can’t find where to change it. Help please!

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Hey there @CandiceG,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


This sounds very odd.

Can you please provide screenshots showing the issue you're describing ?

Make sure to hide any sensetive info.


Waiting on your update 🙂

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Is your Spotify account linked to your Facebook profile? If so I would start there by,

1. Removing your phone number from your Facebook profile

2. Giving Spotify time to update/refresh your profile

3. Log out of Spotify and then sign back in to see if this helps.

Hopefully its fixed soon to protect your privacy. Providing screenshots with your number blurred/edited out might make it easier to troubleshoot this issue.

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