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Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party available on Rdio in the United Kingdom

Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party available on Rdio in the United Kingdom

As a long standing Spotify customer, I have recently purchased a new sound system and am experimenting between services (currently have accounts to all of them) to see what works best.


I make use of the offline feature on my phone and was disappointed to notice several tracks are marked as not available in the United Kingdom. Rdio doesn't have this restriction and the reason I was looking for them is that they are played regularly in the UK on public radio. Pitbull's "Don't Sopt the Party" being a prime example. Is there a breach in Copyright restriction on Rdio's side or is Spotify restricting too far? Should I use a US proxy for my Spotify account (and more importantly wil it work)?

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Its all down to licensing normally. 

I would suggest you have a read at this FAQ.


Some record labels are also known for withholding new tracks and released from Spotify in the hope that people will still go out and buy the CD, which they make much more money from!



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I appreciate record labels may withhold new tracks for CD sales (which I still buy, despite music streaming services) but apart from 320kbps music vs 192kbps (which isn't a necessary for music discovery) what advantage is there to stick with Spotify vs Rdio, considering other streaming services (Napster by Rhapsody and Rdio) don't have these "exclude UK" agreements? Reading the FAQ there has to be a label or two missing from Spotify to bring this up to parity.


What are Spotify doing when competitors are sending strong signals that they do not treat UK customers as second rate?


PS - good answer though @hammeh

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