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Plan değişikliği sorunu

Plan değişikliği sorunu


Merhaba , ödeme yöntemini değiştir diye bir mesaj aldım ve yeni kart ekledim.Kartımdan 27 tl çekildiğini gördüm ve aile planına geçirildiğimi gördüm.Ben öğrenci planını kullanıyordum bu sebeple bilgim dahilinde olmayan bu değişikliğin iptal edilmesini paramın iade edilmesini ve öğrenci planına geçirilmemi talep ediyorum.


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Hey there @Furkan1287


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!

Hope you don't mind us replying in English as it's the Community's official language.


If you notice any suspicious activity on your Spotify account, always follow the steps below first:

  1. Open the Reset Password form in a private/incognito window and create a new, strong password you haven’t used for another online service; 

  2. Open your Account Page, scroll down and click on SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE

In case you still experience the same after performing these steps, we suggest you head to this help page. Here you'll find useful tips on how to secure your account in case of unauthorized access. Additional info on how to protect your Spotify account can be found here


Hope this helps. Keep us posted. 

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    Well, will it not be refunded and returned to my student account?

Hey @Furkan1287


Thanks for getting back to us.

You can get more info about Spotify's refund policy here


In case you didn't subscribe for your current Premium plan, check out this help page including further tips on how to contact customer support. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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