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Re: Liked Songs does not have all the songs

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Yes you can, you just select the "Liked Songs" and shuffle play is the default play button. "Liked Songs" is your songs.


Re: Liked Songs does not have all the songs


I had more than 28 000 songs before the update. Now, I only have 8 734 songs in "Liked Songs". Thank you Spotify for f***ing up my one and only playlist. It took me years to collect this stuff, and now it's just gone!!!

Angry customer >:-{

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Although it’s a hasstle you are really determined to shuffle all song, you will need to like all the songs and then play the “liked songs” playlist Spotify makes for you. I know this is annoying but it is a way to get it done:)

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I've just recently started using spotify. Not being able to play the entire library makes this app absolute garbage, now im doubting if I should have got the paid plan. Playing all of the songs, regardless of whether you downloaded an album or saved them in a playlist is a no-brainer function and pretty much any other app has this function, just not spotify. Whoever designed it this way is a braindead I really hope you change this, as I do not want to go over thousands of songs and click like for each of them.