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Playlist Content Disappearing

Playlist Content Disappearing

I load artists/songs I want to explore in the future into playlists to listen to later and then split into other playlists. I have been doing this for years on Spotify. I fill them to the limit (close to 10k) songs before splitting them.  I keep aboout 3-4 of those playlists going at any given time.


I was listening to one of them today (Stuff to Split 9) and all of a sudden, the app rebooted and the playlist went from over 9,000 songs to 240. I lost basically the entire playlist.

Is there a way for it to be restored?

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Hi @msudawg12, welcome to the Spotify Community!

Could you let us know which Spotify version you're currently using? Also, did this start happening after a specific update or event?

You could try a clean reinstall with these steps to see if it makes any difference.

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Under the "about" this is what it shows on my desktop version.

Is that the version number?

I talked for a while with one of your chat people that wasn't very helpful. I was listening the day that I posted. The playlist had 9k+ songs. They are playlists I load with new artists etc to listen to later. Then the program "flashed" and it had 240 songs and that was it. Talked to the chat person for a while who tried to reset my playlists to a week before and it did bring back a playlist I had previously deleted but the same 240 songs were still in the effected playlist.

Hey @msudawg12!


Thanks for all the info you've sent us.


Right now, the best way to recover all your lost songs from a specific playlist is by contacting our support team. You can also reach out to them via Twitter or Facebook.


They'll be able to find the playlist and look at the history to revert any recent changes.


All the best.

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Spent a good time with support.  They reset the playlists back a week, then two, then three.  It brought old playlists back but never corrected the affected playlist.


Definitely sucked....

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