Playlist SEO broken randomly


Playlist SEO broken randomly


Hey Spotify Team,

Pavle here from ChillYourMind.
First of, before anyone tells me what's SEO is, I indeed know what it is and how it works, however I have some other issues that I'm searching for answers or even helping me fix it.

Our playlist 'Summer 2020' had around 17k-20k streams a DAY in April, and somehow we got outranked by tons of small lists that just got created.

By this day we are still struggling to win any ranks and we still do 4-5k streams a day on top and yet we aren't even in the top searches for Summer in many countries, especially the other keywords that we use.

We got outranked by some newly-created-small playlists and our rank position just went top10 or something.

How is that possible considering we do a lot of streams + a lot of advertising/outside traffic and everything?

Any help is appreciated thank you.
Playlist link: