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Playlist covers

Playlist covers

How do you change a playlist you made to a different picture? I've seen people do it.
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Hi @MeganRG,

Welcome to the community! Changing covers on playlists is fairly simple but keep in mind you need to be on a computer with spotify on it to do so. First, go to spotify and click on your playlist. You will then hover over the current playlist cover and a pencil will show up. Click on that and a tab called Edit Playlist Details will come up. From here you can click chose image, which will be on the current album cover. From here you can select and upload a .jpg picture that is at least 300x300. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me and if this helped then please click accept solution and give me a like and follow. Have a great day!

If this helped please click accept solution, give a like/ kudos, and follow me! Have a fabtastic day!

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