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Playlist from pc doesn't work in phone

Playlist from pc doesn't work in phone


Hello, made an awesome playlist in pc and didn't had any trouble with listening even after downloading and in offline.  But when I got into my phone then the same playlist had quite a lot songs that were inactive and with text ,,unknow album". I already used same internet and sync to get it right but still nothing. Some of the songs aren't even available when i search them, even when it's local artist. Family premium owner.  Any ideas to get it work?? Thanks in advance!! 

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Hey @AihhhJoel, welcome to the community!


Sounds like some of the songs you've added to your playlist are local files you've saved in your desktop's local drive. That's why you're able to play them there.


No worries, you can follow these steps to sync your local files to your mobile device.


All the best.

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